Support during outage

During scheduled maintenance outages of the Krško NPP, Elmont performs regular follow- up refitting work as part of the electrical maintenance division. This includes the following electrical installation and maintenance operations:
  • electrical installation work on HV rotating machines,
  • maintenance work on electrical installations of lighting systems,
  • maintenance work on low-power branch circuits and electrical wiring,
  • maintenance work on underwater and floating lighting systems and non-process electrical equipment,
  • overhaul of electric control boxes and panels of backup diesel generators,
  • maintenance work on power transformers GT1, GT2, T1 and T2,
  • maintenance work on fixed 6.3 kV electrical devices,
  • maintenance work on fixed 400/110 kV electrical devices,
  • maintenance work on fixed 21 kV electrical devices,
  • maintenance work on 0.4 kV switchgear and motor control centres (SWG and MCC) and their components,
  • maintenance work on heating devices and their components,
  • maintenance work on electrical boxes and LV devices in various technological systems maintenance work on 118 VAC and 125/220 VDC systems and their components,
  • work on relay protection devices used by the Krško NPP and on MCCs,
  • cable aging management activities,
  • ß electrical installation work on the equipment of LV rotating components.

The list of tasks also includes all other maintenance work carried out on electrical installations and equipment during scheduled maintenance outages.

Elmont d. o. o. Krško possesses a valid Licence to Conduct Activities Involving Radiation, issued by the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration.
Elmont d.o.o. Krško

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