Staff profiles

The people is what makes a company successful, which is why at ELMONT d. o. o. we are committed to providing asafe, positive and quality work environment. Highly qualified professionals, whose personal references enable them to effectively manage even the most complex of projects, have been with the company ever since day one. In addition, they pass their knowledge and experience down to their younger colleagues, who are full of fresh ideas and eager to learn.

The qualification structure is very homogeneous. Most of our employees, as many as 80 percent, have technical backgrounds in the area of electrical engineering, including people with university, three- and four-year higher education, and vocational qualifications. Our staff also includes mechanical engineers, welders and people from other professional backgrounds, who in their own way contribute to our company's success.

Most of our employees have secondary school qualifications (45 percent), 44 percent hold a three- or four-year or university degree, and as few as 11 percent have less than secondary school qualifications.

The knowledge gained by an individual through primary and formal education quickly becomes out of date. To maintain their competitive edge in the labour market and within an organization, the individual needs to receive ongoing education and training. In our case, this is where individuals share common ground with the company.

Knowing full well that people are the key to a successful and stable future, we invest in our workforce and their development and make sure they receive ongoing training, expanding their breadth of knowledge even further. First and foremost this comes in the form of expert training sessions, seminars and courses aimed at keeping our employees up to date with new developments in the technical sphere. The company's mission is focused primarily on providing training to younger employees and on refresher courses and seminars attended by the more experienced members of staff. Each new young employee is presented with a training plan as soon as he or she joins our team. We are aware of the fact that for a young engineer the path to becoming capable of doing independent work is a long and arduous one.

Despite a fairly homogeneous structure of the company employees' qualifications, we boast a diverse range of work experience. Elmont's team comprises people with many years on the job and a wealth of experience (also gained abroad), as well new, young people, a source of fresh ideas. Experience coupled with new knowledge and fresh blood are often the winning combination for achieving optimum results. And this is something we are very well aware of.

Elmont's team is relatively young, with the average age of employees currently at 38.5 years.

Carefully selecting our future workforce

By awarding career-specific scholarships, we nurture our own future expert workforce. We invest in the development of our scholarship recipients and provide work placement for secondary school and higher education students. After finishing school, they are given a job in our company. That way, we help them shape their future.

At Elmont d. o. o. we seek to maintain a high level of human resource structure:
  • by providing scholarships and, later on, jobs to promising secondary school and higher education students,
  • through continuing training,
  • by developing a sense of belonging to society,
  • by fostering good relations among employees and by creating a safe and constructive work environment, all of which contributes to zero employee turnover within the company,
  • by providing incentives for our employees,
  • through long-term human resource planning.
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