Organization chart

Elmont d. o. o. Krško operates as a limited liability company. The company's basic organizational structure is based on processes carried out in separate divisions.

At the top level, the company is run by the Managing Director, who is assisted by signing officers. The second level of hierarchy is split into the following 6 sectors:
  • Quality Management Sector,
  • Technical Sector,
  • Purchasing and Sales,
  • Finance and Accounting,
  • General Human Resources,
  • Occupational Health and Safety.

We also work with outsourced service providers in order to meet the needs of the last three sectors.

Elmont d.o.o. Krško

Headquarters: CKŽ 135/e,
Krško, Slovenija, Evropa

Phone: ++386 7 49 125 00
Fax: ++386 7 49 125 21