Occupational health and safety policy – BS OHSAS

Certification based on the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 international standard – Occupational Health and Safety Management System was awarded to our company in 2013. We make every effort to ensure that our employees perform their jobs safely and that the business process provides for their good health. The occupational health and safety system is planned systematically and incorporated into the company's business management system. It is supported and followed by all employees.

The company has set out and adopted an occupational health and safety policy as part of the company's business management system in accordance with the basic principle where the health and safety of employees is among the company's highest priorities and with a view to achieving best possible quality of service in the areas of electrical installation and assembly and maintenance of nuclear installations, power plants, paper mills and other industrial facilities while eliminating potential risks of injuries or health problems among employees. Based on the management and the employees' commitment to control and prevent risks associated with the occupational health and safety of employees, we carry out the following activities for continuously improving the level of work-related health and safety:
  • meeting legal and other requirements,
  • setting realistic goals and pursuing these goals,
  • ensuring appropriate and satisfactory resources, including training, for achieving permanent compliance with our policy and goals,
  • assessing the company's performance against the adopted policy and set goals and looking for room for improvement whenever possible,
  • an audit and review process for the occupational health and safety management system has been established with a view to identifying opportunities for improvements to the system and achieving greater efficiency as a result,
  • informing and cooperating with stakeholders.

The management is committed to making continued efforts to reduce and prevent risks associated with the health and safety of employees, with a clear focus on prevention and improvement.
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