Mission & Vision


Our principal mission is to meet all expectations and needs of our customers, to ensure their full satisfaction and to foster long-term partnerships.


We seek to consolidate our current position in the home, European and third markets and, with the help of highly qualified human resources, to become the most trustworthy and environmentally friendly business partner in the areas of electrical installation works and maintenance of nuclear installations, power generation facilities, paper mills and other industrial structures.


Future growth is essential to the fulfilment of our company's vision. We aim to maintain and improve the quality of service, to earn valuable references and to gain recognition both at home and abroad. We will continue to work hard to identify the needs of our customers, in order to be able to meet even the most complex of needs. Our main aims also include fostering long- term successful cooperation with our business partners.
Elmont d.o.o. Krško

Headquarters: CKŽ 135/e,
Krško, Slovenija, Evropa

Phone: ++386 7 49 125 00
Fax: ++386 7 49 125 21
E-mail: info@elmont-kk.si