Environmental policy – ISO 14001

We are mindful of the fact that keeping the environment safe and healthy is a basic precondition for successfully achieving our set goals. Environmental management system guidelines are set out in the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which was implemented by our company in 2000. This certification made a substantial contribution to raising environmental awareness among all the company employees and all external collaborators. We make continuing efforts to prevent or mitigate negative impacts on the environment. In fulfilling our set goals and programs and in managing the impacts of our operations on the environment, we adhere strictly to the law and seek to achieve continuous improvement.

We will make every effort to reduce the impacts our business processes have on the environment and to ensure health and safety of our employees.
In accordance with the commitment by the management and the employees, we carry out the following activities for continually reducing the impacts on the environment:
  • meeting legal and other requirements,
  • setting realistic goals in terms of environmental protection and pursuing these goals,
  • ensuring appropriate and satisfactory resources, including training, for achieving permanent compliance with our policy and goals,
  • assessing the company's performance against the adopted environmental protection policy and set goals and looking for room for improvement whenever possible,
  • an environmental management system audit and review process has been established with a view to identifying opportunities for improvements to the system and achieving greater efficiency as a result,
  • informing and cooperating with stakeholders in the area of environmental management.
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