About Elmont

The history of the company Elmont d. o. o. Krško began in 1993, when a group of electrical engineering industry experts identified in the market a need for highly qualified professionals to perform complex electrical maintenance and installation work on electric power systems. They brought together their experience, expertise, ideas and visions. Having gained experience during the construction of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (Krško NPP), these skilled professionals and experts in respective fields of knowledge managed to set a clear direction for the company and to keep the company firmly on course to this day.

Today Elmont d. o. o. is a professionally organized, cutting-edge technological and highly qualified company specializing in carrying out all types of electrical work on complex industrial facilities. The bulk of our activities is focused on providing services to nuclear installations, primarily the Krško NPP, our biggest business partner.

With more than 20 years of experience in the construction, reconstruction, refitting and maintenance of electric power systems, we have made a strong name for ourselves in the electricity markets both at home and abroad.
Elmont d.o.o. Krško

Headquarters: CKŽ 135/e,
Krško, Slovenija, Evropa

Phone: ++386 7 49 125 00
Fax: ++386 7 49 125 21
E-mail: info@elmont-kk.si